About Our Mice - The Story Of A Catnip Mouse


Molly's Mice cat toys are inspired by the antics of Molly, a mischievous Maine Coon who loves playing with her catnip-filled toys. We created Molly's Mice when we could no longer get the catnip toys our cats used to love.

We started with the catnip...
We know that not all cats react to catnip equally, but not all catnips are equal! Some catnips are best suited for human consumption, for example you can buy catnip teabags. Our cats generally treat these with disdain! We sourced catnip from a variety of sources and blind-tested them on a panel of a dozen feline testers, supplying their owners with colour-coded mice and asking them to report back on which colour mouse gave the strongest reaction. One variety of Canadian leaf and flower catnip consistently came out as a strong favourite, so that's what we fill all our mice with. It doesn't end there though. We sieve our catnip 3 times to remove any impurities or bits of stem that may have got into the mix, making sure our mice are filled with nothing but catnip.

Then designed the body...
We looked for pure cotton that would be strong yet soft (for your cat) and came in a range of attractive designs (for you!). We know our users have claws and teeth, so we make sure that the mice are as strongly stitched as possible, with the stitching on the inside except for a small seam where we fill them. Our testers liked carrying their mice by the tails, so these are made from 100% cotton twine. The ears and tail are firmly stitched to the body after we hand-fill and check each mouse. The mice are big enough even for a Maine Coon to hold easily in their paws and lick or chew!

And finally we tested them...
Don't take our word for it! Watch Molly and apprentice tester Autumn in action in our videos! 

What do our customers think?
We've sold thousands of mice to happy customers, here's some of the feedback we've received:

"I just wanted to say what a brilliant product you sell. The mice arrived today (thank you for the fast delivery) I gave one to my cat and she won't let it go! She loves it!" - Ms C

"...Great product, just like the ones that Culpeper used to sell..." - Mr R.

"...Molly's Mice are fabulous - our cats went absolutely mad for them..." - Miss C.

Some feedback is taken from our Amazon Marketplace Storefront where a limited range of our products is available.