Cat's Cradle: A story of rescue, love and a cat called Pablo Picasso


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Set in a North Yorkshire village Cat's Cradle is a wonderful tale, full of Yorkshire warmth that will make you laugh and cry.

When an affectionate black and white kitten swallows poisonous yew leaves, his new owner fears the worst. Author Karen Ritson has rescued him from a life of feral hardship, and now his life hangs in the balance. Will he survive to cheer us with his adventures? Read on to enter the world of Cat’s Cradle, a tiny cottage in the North Yorkshire Moors, and join the author in a story of rescue, love and a cat called Pablo Picasso.
Chapter 1
Monday 25 September 2006
‘How quickly can you get him here?’ said our vet
‘If I leave now it’ll take at least twenty minutes.’
‘Leave now,’ he said.
I looked at Pablo Picasso, my handsome eight week old kitten. He seemed fine. There were no signs of discomfort, his eyes were clear and bright, but Simon our vet told us this was common in the case of yew poisoning. Pablo may seem perfectly well until quite suddenly he would become ill and die...

‘There’s only one thing I can try,’ said Simon when I arrived fifteen minutes later...

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 Reader feedback and reviews for Cats Cradle

"This book is a great read a story of love and life. The trials and tribulations of the main character mixed I with the love of a little cat. A real tonic hopefully there will be many more"

"Just finished reading Cat's cradle with much enjoyment ...heartwarming.." 

"What a cracking little tale Cat's Cradle is. Beautiful descriptions and illustrations.  It's a must for every cat lover!..."

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  • Paperback, 134 pages.
  • 4 Original full colour illustrations
  • Price includes UK delivery by 1st class post.
  • ISBN 978-0993451003
  • Published by the Shabby Tabby Press, an imprint of Molly's Mice!

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